With FRL,
sell and engage in a social context

Shoppers use FRL to find inspiration, shop for products and connect with brands

Reach your audience across the full funnel, from discovery to decision

FRL Allows Users Building Lists With Products They Love

81% of Gen Z is expecting a unique and
personalized shopping experience

With FRL, get to know your customers better

Shoppers vote products and lists, and follow other users and brands

See the entire customer journey from impression to engagement to sales

73% of shoppers expecting brands to understand their needs and expectations

With FRL, do real social commerce for your brand

Shoppers make purchase decisions influenced by peers and creators

Online shopping becomes a more collaborative and interactive experience


Use FRL Ads for marketing goals such as awareness, consideration and conversions. Combine flexible formats with tailored targeting to launch successful campaigns.


Help your clients to achieve better results across the funnel with engaging campaigns. We provide all you need to increase your client’s social commerce footprint.


Shoppers on FRL listen to creators and peers and have a higher intent to purchase than on regular ecommerce site. Use ads to reach people who are ready to buy your products.

FRL Engages Your Brand With Shoppers In A New Way

FRL Campaigns

Capitalize on our users’s natural tendency to create and share content which makes them participate in a brand’s collection building awareness and increasing traffic.

  • Highlight brands and its followers
  • Special coupon codes for community
  • Wishlists from creators shared to their followers on social media


Make products appear seamlessly in FRL, embedding social interactions among users as part of the native ad to increase product visibility and drive conversion.

  • Showcase products in engaging wishlists
  • Let consumers save specific products
  • Social proof increases trust and positively impacts conversion

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