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in a social context

FRL is where people explore, engage and shop their favourite products, enabling you to reach them at every stage of the customer journey.

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Why advertise on FRL?

People are the inspiration for others as they share products they already use, or would love to have one day.

Creators create lists with their favourite products from your store. You set the budget, they create & share.

Get closer to customers and understand what products they love from your assortment, and how people interact with them.

Tap into a network of thousands of creators that participate and create on their own terms.

The no.1 reason people use FRL
is to explore & buy new products

Build awareness

Increase the reach of your products that are most loved by customers, rather than experimenting.

Drive engagement

Customers engage with your interact and save your products, giving you opportunities to keep engaging.

Generate sales

Generate sales through the power of people, who actively share your products with their fans & friends.

Get consumer insights

Detailed profiles on who views, interacts and purchases your products, globally.

Competitive results to influencer marketing and e-commerce combined


Engagement Rate

of people who saw your product engaged with it


Conversion Rate

of people who engaged with your product wants to buy

*average campaign performance on FRL


Creators on FRL have an average following of 15k on social media platforms like Instagram & TikTok.

The beauty of FRL is that shoppers interact with your brand and if they love you, they will create lists and actively share you. 

As they don’t have to create content, the risk for you is minimal that it can damage your brand. 

You just set your budget what you want to pay for performance, and people who love you respond.

Sure. When running advertisements on FRL you will receive your own dashboard, with details about each person that loves and shares your brand.

We charge performance-based. We don’t believe in the influencer marketing industry today where you solely pay for content creation and its reach. 

 You set your own budgets, and creators will respond. We have brands that already run campaigns starting from €10 per shared list!

What creators share

“The website runs very smoothly in comparison to other platforms like this so that’s unreal! Another thing that I liked was the personalization of the lists and the organization of the platform.”

21.7k followers on Instagram

“What I really love is that I don’t have to create additional content to promote a product, like post a picture of me wearing it, I love that I can just select a product and add it to a list. This is big + for me opposed to LTK for example.”

118k followers on Instagram

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Any business that operates in Europe or USA can advertise on FRL.