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Shoppers use FRL to find inspiration, shop for products and try new ideas. They’re in-market but undecided—and they’re always looking for brands like yours.

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73% of shoppers expecting brands to understand their unique needs and expectations.

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it's possible

We leverage emotional connection by incorporating social media dynamics and user driven interactions to transform online shopping into a more collaborative and interactive experience.

80% of our users make list. In average they use over 10 products, and 7 brands.

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Use FRL Ads for marketing goals such as awareness, consideration and conversions. Combine flexible formats with tailored targeting to launch successful campaigns.


Help your clients to achieve outstanding results across the funnel with inspiring, engaging content. We offer special agency tools to help you build and grow your clients’ presence on the platform.


Shoppers on FRL spend 2x more per month than people on other platforms.3 Use catalogues and shopping ads to reach people who are ready to buy.

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