Reaching new customers through social commerce

Creators shared their Triumph favourites and introduced them to thousands of shoppers.

Who is Triumph?

Triumph, a leading underwear brand in Europe, collaborated with FRL to leverage its innovative social commerce platform. The objective was to boost product visibility, engagement, and ultimately drive sales through targeted campaigns. This case study explores the performance metrics and insights derived from the campaign data.

Creators shared their favourites

82% of creators joined because another creator told them about Triumph


Italy 🇮🇹


Netherlands 🇳🇱


Germany 🇩🇪

They came from across Europe




Most popular age group

Many shared with their fans and friends, resulting in competitive results to influencer marketing and e-commerce combined


Engagement Rate

of people who saw your product engaged with it


Conversion Rate

of people who engaged with your product wants to buy

These were the most loved by customers

What creators share

“The website runs very smoothly in comparison to other platforms like this so that’s unreal! Another thing that I liked was the personalization of the lists and the organization of the platform.”

21.7k followers on Instagram

“What I really love is that I don’t have to create additional content to promote a product, like post a picture of me wearing it, I love that I can just select a product and add it to a list. This is big + for me opposed to LTK for example.”

118k followers on Instagram

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